Brett Wendling

I am an economist specializing in Health, Industrial Organization, and Antitrust


Physician mergers and health outcomes

We look at horizontal mergers and Medicare beneficiaries' health outcomes

A distributor merger in a regulated environment

We consider how regulatory environments influence the nature and degree of competition among distributors by looking at a merger of two large distributors competing in states facing different regulatory conditions.

Opioids and provider concentration

We look to see if opioid use is correlated with provider concentration. We consider the relationship between opioid use and several types of providers and several metrics of concentration.

Medicaid expenditures by immigrant children

We show that immigrant children have higher Medicaid take-up rates than do natives, but lower per person expenditures conditional on take-up. The lower per person expenditures are explained by differences in underlying health, and not access.

Physician mergers and healthcare access

We look to see whether physician mergers affect consumer access to healthcare providers.

Information shocks and Medicaid take-up

We use the CPS to consider whether changes in information affect Medicaid take-up among eligible children.