Brett Wendling

I am an economist specializing in Health, Industrial Organization, and Antitrust


I am an economist in the antitrust division of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission.  

I am interested in how changes in competition affect strategic firm behavior, especially non-price strategic behavior.  I am also interested in how changes in information affect consumer decisions across different regulatory environments. Much of my research focuses on competition in healthcare markets, and notably physician and prescription drug markets.      

My casework at the FTC also focuses on healthcare markets, and especially physician and prescription drug markets. I have investigated mergers and other potentially anticompetitive conduct (e.g., "pay-for-delay") among Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), pharmacies, generic drug firms, brand drug firms, and specialty drugs (i.e., gene therapy, medical devices, and cancer therapies). I have also investigated  mergers of hospitals, consumer products, and retailers (e.g., grocery stores). 

I have served as an expert handler for both internal and external experts. Some of my matters have been litigated in Federal Court. I have also been involved in transactions involving settlements worth over $1 billion. In addition, I helped draft an FTC report on authorized generic drugs that has been cited in reports to the President and proposed legislation. 

In my time at the FTC, I have won several awards including the Award for Outstanding Scholarship (2021), the Francis Scott Walker Award ("FTC Economist of the Year" 2018) and the Paul Rand Dixon Award (2014), which is given to staff that contributed outstanding work to a case.


The Effects of Physician and Hospital Integration on Medicare Beneficiaries' Health Outcomes

Thomas G Koch, Brett W Wendling, Nathan E Wilson

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2020, pp. 1--38

Investigating a Merger in the Pharmacy Benefit Management Industry: The Express Scripts Acquisition of Medco (2012)

Francine Lafontaine, Christopher J. Metcalf, David R. Schmidt, Brett W. Wendling

The Antitrust Revolution, 7th edition, 2018

Physician market structure, patient outcomes, and spending: an examination of Medicare beneficiaries

Thomas Koch, Brett Wendling, Nathan E Wilson

Health services research, vol. 53, Wiley Online Library, 2018, pp. 3549--3568

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Physician mergers and health outcomes

We look at horizontal mergers and Medicare beneficiaries' health outcomes

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Brett Wendling

Economist, Federal Trade Commission

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